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European top five due to 11th rhino birth

Verantwortlicher Autor: Royal Burgers' Zoo Niederlande, 23.01.2020, 16:01 Uhr
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Niederlande [Royal Burgers' Zoo] Thursday 16th January 2020 in the evening, the eleventh rhino calf since 1998 was born in Royal Burgers' Zoo. Arnhem, 17th January 2020 - Thursday 16th January 2020 in the evening, a square-lipped rhino was born in Royal Burgers' Zoo. The young male makes a healthy appearance. Since 1998, a total of eleven rhino calves have been born at the zoo in Arnhem. Burgers' Zoo has entered the top five of European square-lipp

ed rhinos. Eight square-lipped rhinos in Arnhem At the moment, eight square-lipped rhinos roam the savannah plains at Royal Burgers' Zoo. One adult male ageing 27.5 years, three adult females ageing 32, 19 and 16 years, and four calves (2.5 years, a year and 10 months, 4 months and today's newborn calf). The 19-years female is its mother. European top five of square-lipped rhino breeders Based on research by Burgers' Zoo, the Arnhem zoo belongs to the European top five of square-lipped rhino breeders. Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen (Germany), Knowsley Safari Park (England), ZSL Whipsnade Zoo (England) and Safaripark Beekse Bergen (the Netherlands) complete the top five. In all of Europe, a total of 90 zoos keep square-lipped rhinos.

Factors which have a negative influence on breeding success Not all of the adult rhino males seem to be fertile. Furthermore, veterinary research indicates that often cysts block uterus horns. This way, sperm cannot fertilise the ovum. An additional concern is the fact that young females can be hormonally suppressed by their own mother. This situation can be solved by transporting the young females to other zoos and introducing them to other square-lipped rhinos over there.

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