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European population management programme for Malayan Bear

Verantwortlicher Autor: Roman Baumann Arnhem , 29.02.2024, 07:14 Uhr
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Arnhem [ENA] Arnhem zoo makes an important contribution to European population management programme for the Malayan sun bear Arnhem, 8 February 2024 – A four-and-a-half-year-old sun bear was transported from Royal Burgers' Zoo to the French zoo of Saint-Martin-la-Plaine on Wednesday, 7 February 2024. Before transport, the young female was anaesthetised by the vet for a veterinary check-up and microchip placement. With the birth

of three sun bears, the Arnhem Zoo has made a major contribution to the European population management programme. Burgers' Zoo is sharing a video and photos of the transport today. A major boost from Arnhem All zoos affiliated with the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) house a combined total of just 34 sun bears: 10 males and 24 females. Breeding sun bears has also proven difficult. As such, Burgers' Zoo's contribution of three bears in 2019 (twins from one adult female and a third cub from the other adult female) is a welcome addition to the European population management programme.

Close international cooperation Colchester Zoo (England) coordinates the European population management programme for the sun bear, which was previously managed by Cologne Zoo (Germany) for many years. Earlier this year, one of the young sun bears left Arnhem for another French zoo, Parc Zoologique de Tregomeur. With the departure of the second cub to Saint-Martin-la-Plaine, Burgers' Zoo is making a significant contribution to the programme. The third cub will remain in Arnhem. Depending on the coordinator's recommendations, this animal may be paired with an unrelated male in the future.

Donations based on research into bloodline and DNA European population management programmes, or EEPs (European Ex situ Programmes), exist for many endangered species in EAZA zoos. Member parks do not buy and sell the animals but donate them to each other based on advice from the coordinator of the respective EEP. By not putting a financial value on the animals, the participating zoos sideline the international illegal animal trade. The EEP coordinator ensures that the zoo population is genetically healthy and as diverse as possible based on bloodlines and DNA testing.

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